You may be just starting to take B12 or Fe supplements or you may already be familiar with our supplement monitoring program. 

Either way, there have been some changes, we hope improvements, in how we have set up our notification system that we wanted to let you know about!

When blood levels indicate a low level of B12 or Iron in  your blood, you may be advised to start supplementing with Vitamin B12 pills or Iron pills.  After you have taken them for a period of time, it is customary to follow up with another blood test to make sure the supplements are raising your blood levels. 

If you are part of our E Contact Program we can remind you when it is time to go for your repeat bloodwork by sending you a text that will look like this:

                                                         It is Time to Repeat Bloodwork to Check Supplement Levels

                                                         You have repeat bloodwork that is due to be done within the next week.  

                                                        As has been previously arranged with you, the bloodwork requesition  is either:

                                                                                 waiting for you to pick up at Dr Duecks Office

                                                                                has been sent to the lab you have listed in your chart

                                                                              or has been mailed to you.   

                                                       If you have questions, feel free to call us or book an appointment to discuss.

This is a computer generated message so if you have already done your bloodwork,    thank you!   

To let us know that you got this message, please click on the  questionnaire button above.  Thank you!

Then, after we get your results and Dr Dueck has reviewed them, you will get another message. 

If Dr Dueck wants to  let you know that you should keep on taking the supplements as you were and when to retest you will get one of these two messages:  

To let you know that you need to repeat your

blood test in 3 months you will get this message:

To let you know that you need to repeat your

blood test in 6 months you will get this message:

​If Dr Dueck wants to change your supplements or make other adjustments you will get this message:


​                                                       Request to Call Dr Dueck re supplement changes

​                                                       We have received Medical results regarding your blood levels of the supplements                                                                       you are taking.  Dr Dueck is recommending you change your supplementation.                                                                          Please contact our office or book an appointment so we can give you these details.

                                                      To let us know that you got this message, please click on the  questionnaire button above.                                                        Thank you!

Maybe you haven’t been taking the supplements regularly or the dosage needs to be adjusted. 

Either way, there are details we need to speak to you about!

For all the messages it is very important that you let us know you got the message! 

We need to ensure you got our message and will have to keep trying to contact you until we hear from you. 

You can use the “Questionnaire” on the text or email which is just one question – did you get this message? 

You can call us at the office and even leave a message on our phone machine during business hours. 

If we do not hear from you we will ask again and then we will have to remove you from our eContact list. 

The information is medically significant and just sending out a message does not count as informing you. 

We can’t use this handy system if you don’t respond!

No EContact Program

If you choose not to use the eContact system we will mail you a letter advising you when to repeat your 

bloodwork along with a requisition to repeat the bloodwork.

Of course, with either program, you can always call, stop in for results, or make an appointment to discuss

your results and use of supplements with Dr Dueck.

We hope these programs will make it easier to remember to repeat the bloodwork and make letting you know

if they are effective a bit easier. 

As far as remembering to take the supplements – sorry, I guess you are on your own there!

Rhonda Wall-Dueck RN 

B12 and Iron (Fe) Supplementation Program