We don’t charge for sick notes or prescriptions for medical
devices (like walkers, braces etc ) because that is part of good care for our patients.

We don’t charge for completion of school immunization forms or
immunizations required for school because we believe in supporting
education and training for our children!

FEES for Services not Covered by MB Health

Forms that are completed at your visit with Dr Dueck       $ 10 - $ 20

Forms that are completed out of Office Hours                    $ 40 min

        We will advise you if the fee will be higher due to complexity and/or chart review required

MPI Drivers Exam                                                                                           $ 60

Disability Tax Credit Form                                                                             $ 60
      This includes any clarification or further info requested by Service Canada

 Hepatitis Immunizations – series of 2 or 3 injections

       Per Person                        $ 20
       Per Couple                          $ 30
       Family of 4                          $ 40
           Group fees only apply if all people come at the same time for the immunization.
           “Stragglers” are charged another $10 per needle!

Our office does not have an Interac machine.
Fees are due prior to completion of form or immunization.