Your recent labwork shows that your iron levels are low.   The recommended level is over 40 - 60.
Low iron levels are often caused by insufficient intake in our diet.

The usual starting supplement is Iron Sulphate 325 mg taken once a day.  
Many supplements measure elemental iron.   The usual supplement would be 65 mg.

Low iron levels can cause weakness, headache, irritability, fatigue and exercise intolerance.

However, many patients are asymptomatic and may only realize they had some of these symptoms after successful treatment with iron!
To get the most absorption of the iron it is best if you take Iron Supplements with Vitamin C - 
either orange juice or a Vitamin C pill works well as it helps you to absorb the iron.
There are a number of different preparations of iron and they do affect each person differently. 

Iron can be taken in tablet or liquid form (which may stain your teeth, mouth or fillings).   You may need to try a few forms before you find one that works for you.   Coated Iron tablets are not recommended as they are much less effective.

 Iron supplements may cause:

            Constipation -  It is advised to increase your fluid and fibre levels to reduce this.
            Dark stools -  This is not blood but the iron you are taking.
            Nausea -  While it is best to take it on an empty stomach, sometimes Iron causes nausea
                              so taking it with a bit of food or at night may be less bothersome for you.

You may start to feel a difference within 2 weeks but it  takes 2 -3 months of taking the supplement to make a significant difference in the iron levels in your blood.   

If you have questions about this information, please contact our office and make an appointment to discuss this recommendation.