Some exotic destinations may require other protection such as malaria, typhoid, yellow fever etc.  We do not stock these immunizations.

Some holiday locations and / or activities may increase your exposure to Hepatitis.    There is an immunization that offers protection from Hepatitis.

There are a number of immunizations or holiday medications you may want to consider....

Are you planning a holiday?

Keeping your protection against tetanus is always a good idea.  Sometimes going on a holiday reminds us we may not have had our regular immunizations against tetanus.  Manitoba Health recommends having a tetanus booster every 10 years from the age of 14 on - that is when you would have had the last booster given to children in school.  The government covers the cost of this immunization.

Travelers Diarrhea is something none of us want on a holiday!  The preventative medication for this does not require a prescription.  Talk to your pharmacist to find out what is available.