Immunization Schedule and Fees

  •  is a virus that is transmitted from contact with contaminated food, water.  This can include eating foods irrigated with contaminated water.  The virus can live on food for close to a month. 
  • The liver infection includes fatigue, nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain and jaundice.  It can require hospitalization but that is uncommon. 
  • The immunization series takes two injections 6 -12 months apart with approximately 88% protection being present by 2 weeks after the first immunization and increasing to 100% with the second immunization.  The immunity lasts from 10 – 20 years and can be renewed with a booster

Hepatitis Immunizations

Hepatitis B

  • Many people use the combined Hepatitis A and B immunization known as Twinrix.  This immunization follows the Hepatitis B schedule.  There are 3 needles.  The second needle is given one month after the first and the third needle is given 5 – 11 months after that. 
  • The immunizations require a prescription.  Manitoba Health does not cover the cost of the immunization or the administration of the injections.  You need to buy the immunization and bring it to the clinic for administration. The cost of the immunization varies by pharmacy and may be covered by your health insurance.
  • There is an office  fee of $20 for the series per person.  There is a family fee if there are more than 3 people getting the immunizations. 
  • Many holidays are not planned far in advance.  In order to get maximum immunity on your trip it is advised to take the FIRST immunization either 6 weeks or 6 months BEFORE the date you fly!
  • has similar onset symptoms as Hepatitis A but can progress to liver scarring, cirrhosis or failure and sometimes death if not treated.  The majority of people who people who get Hepatitis B clear the infection with time and treatment and only a few develop chronic or long term illness.  
  • Hepatitis B is spread through transfer of blood or body fluids.  This can happen by using a contaminated needle, sexual contact, and close personal contact such as sharing contaminated toothbrushes or razors. 
  • The immunization series has 3 injections.  The first needle offers approximately 33% immunity by the time the second needle is given one month later.  This increases the immunity to about 84%.  The third needle is given 6 months after the first and raises immunity to 99%.  This lasts for 10 – 20 years and can be retained with a booster.  

Hepatitis A

The term ‘Hepatitis” simply means inflammation of the liver.  There are two Hepatitis immunizations available for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.  Hepatitis A and B are caused by specific viruses.