B12 Deficiency - Information for patients

B12 levels should be between 133 - 630.  Recommended levels are above 400 - although vegetarians may be lower!
You can increase B12 with oral supplement - tablets or dissolving pills can be purchased in a pharmacy.  The dissolving pills seem to give better results. 
If tablets are not effective, sometimes injections are useful but this would have to be discussed with a Doctor first.
Once levels have been increased with supplements, it can often can be maintained  with diet.

 Recommended supplements are usually either:  
 500 mcg (0.5 mg) daily
1000- 1200 mcg (1.2 mg) daily

 There are no restrictions as to when you take this supplement or what you take it with.  It does not cause nausea or stomach upset!

B12 comes from
●Red meat                      ●Fish and shellfish              ●Dairy foods   

●Breakfast cereals that have vitamin B12 added to them

 Symptoms of B12 deficiency include:
Low red blood count
Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
Trouble walking
Mood changes
Memory problems or trouble thinking clearly